Saturday, October 28, 2006


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Friday, July 14, 2006

kawan-kawan, kiter dah pindah ....

kiter dah pindah dari warung yg dinding papan warna cat minyak hitam ni, ker warung dinding concrete putih pulak.

warung baru special sikit, alamat dier dah terer sikit,


kiter jumper di saner ... di saner ... di saner ...

FotoWarung is migrating ...

warung wont be updated from fri to sun due to a migration process to a new site.

SALAM, bazuki, penghulu fotowarung.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


same gak taken masa citrawarna 2003 kuala lumpur ...


i was in venice and took this picture of the masks. i was wondering why they needed mask. heard on tv just now that during the ancient days, the venetians wore masks for six months in a year, so that they can be "naughty" during the period of that six months and be good during the other period of six months, without anybody know who they are.

mmmm ... what a good concept, i think i will wear my mask for the whole year then .....


zainal's FotoCritic Page is back alive. feel free to submit yr photos, but more importantly pls give yr comment contribution.

click here.


we hv been losing some of the posts at fotosembang, and unfortunately we hv lost some of the important ones. to avoid misunderstanding, below are some explanations :

there was a post saying that kamarulzaman russali had punched me.

then there was a post that shamshahrin = nad albaz had punched me.

and luckily, the post by kamarulzaman russali is still intact, which im copying below :

Dear all, just to clearifly (clarify) that nobody (had) PUNCH(ed) anybody ...OK. hanya perselisihan faham personal matters between me and bazuki. semua dah tua2 takkan sampai nak tumbuk-menumbuk. thanks.

i said, NOBODY HAD PUNCHED me whatsoever.

and i was jokingly said that sham is so skinny, he could break his arm if he had punched me. and sham texted me that after paying RM9000 for the accident a few months ago, he is much stronger, and i better be careful ....

and it is not to my knowledge that sham is nad albaz. i hv no idea who nad albaz is, and im not going to "dig" for it.

i do know that sham also goes by imagemaker.

there was a post asking whether i was injured at a street protest due to somebody had punched me.

i said no no, the protester burned an israeli flag, but the burning flag was floating in the air and had landed on my forehead (i didnt see the flying burning flag coz i was taking pictures). i managed to get rid of it very quick and i only had a light burn, but not a thing to worry about ... more importantly, i still can continue with my modeling career .... !!

hope my phone is not ringing anymore just to make sure that i am ok. yes, i am ok and taking pictures as usual.

and to my adik, kakak, sepupus, and bapak/mak sedaras, really .... tak jadi aper aper pun kat ayah long / abe kie. do not waste yr call credit to call me.

have fun snapping .....


hah ... jumper pun.

no flash was used.

for this one, maser shoot, u kener biar kepaler singa tu kat tengah dlm viewfinder, then dalam photoshop, recompose the image by cropping the top.

do not expect i got this pic with five shots. i think i spent one hour, and maybe 50 shots to get one good one.


some of zoom pix for this week photo challenge. Photo taken during a tea tarik session among photgrapher at local mamak shop. As usuall, testing of equipments become one of the agenda.

Regards, NizamD


bazuki says ...

zam, memang teknik menjadi. no doubt, u understand it. but why a pic of another photographer? it is much much better if the subject tu sesuai ngan effect yg kiter nak. i think i did once with a lion dance, let me see if i can find it.

GOOD LUCK and the most important is pls make sure u have FUN experimenting. jadi tak jadi kemudian kirer.

Monday, July 10, 2006

notes on EDITING

had a lunch with syeff yesterday. shared with him, the good points and the bad points about our fotowarung. then we decided to write something on "editing". i will start, and syeff will continue, and others will tambah-tambah. i want to make sure we listen from ahim, azhar mahfof, imagemaker, and kamalsell. these are the warungists whom i know have been involved with editing everyday.

and other warungists, please do contribute.

we'll make this entry as a good lesson post, and later i'll make a link on the right column, as one of our good tips.

editing is also a skill in taking pictures. shoot as many as u want, but never ask yr boss or others to edit for u. u r the shooter, u r the editor, u know what is good, and what is unsuccessful.

a magazine calls zain, "hey mr tukang gambar, i want to publish a story on putrajaya, i think i will need 1 main pic, and 5 secondaries." and after a week of shooting, zain comes back, "i hv 100 pictures here for u to select." zain is wrong. u r the photog, u select what's good, and submit to the magazine the total of 15 pix for him to select, so that dier tak pening kepaler, tengok terlalu banyak gambar. MORE IMPORTANTLY, u r a better photographer than he is, kenaper pulak dier yg decide utk u. AND REMEMBER, yr name will be credited PHOTOS BY ZAIN, of course u want the best works of yours to be published, sebab lepas ni u nak call semuer mak sedaras, bapak sedaras, sepupus "belilah magazine .... tengoklah gambar yang along ambil kat page ..."

azhar mahfof pi ambil gambar siti nurhaliza lancar album baru. azhar balik, upload dlm computer, delete maner yg flash tak nyaler, dan suruh boss dier pilih gambar paling cantik. boss dier pun jawab, "aper lah kau ni!!". betul, kiter responsible for our own pic, dan kiter yg edit. kiter bagi lah 5 frames, lepas tu boss pilih 3 dari 5 tu, ok lah.

u bangun pagi, tengok fotowarung, wow .... ceriter pasal portrait yer. hah .... aku nak ambil gambar boyren aku yg hensem ni. u pun tarik lah boyfren u, motordrive u bule pegi 4 frames per second, pakwe aku pulak bukan macam bazuki, tak tau langsung pasal kamera, u pun dish dish dish dish, 10 saat = 40 frames. pakwe u pun, "oi .... laju nyer camera u ..... !!" u pun senyum bangga !!

u upload dlm pc, copy semuer sekali dan paste dlm email, and send 40 frames ker "encik bazuki, these are pictures of my brother (malu nak mengaku boifren!). he is always susah nak senyum .... buat-buat malu lah ... bla bla bla bla. here are 40 pictures, panas lagi, baru ambil tadi ... please select one. terimakasih banyak-banyak di atas komen en bazuki (padahal saya tak komen lagi!), dan "fotowarung is the best" (sempat puji lagi tu ....!!)

saya pun ....... tutup pc ..... keluar ambil gambar utk tenangkan fikiran..... dan baru balik utk pikir macamaner nak response.

kalu saya tak response, sayer raser saya tak contribute, kalu saya nak response, too much time i will need. kadang-kadang ader dekat 10 sehari yg sayer kener response. kalu satu response requires me 10 mins, nak reply 10 dah memang gagal lah bagi pihak saya.

i will tampal the one that syeff contributes tomorrow ... but for now, anyone, please please contribute by clicking at comments kat bawah.

i will put up syeff's contribution here, not as a new post. so keep yr eyes here.


ini yg syeff tambah ...

"The negative is the score, the print is the performance."
"You don’t take a photograph, you make it"
"In my mind's eye, I visualize how a particular ... sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice."

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams

Syeff kata

kerja photographer are actually start before taking picture until an image siap. U must know what u want not what ur boss want or anybody" in mine works field, let’s say kalu ade assigntment mcm anuggerah aim anything to do with entertainment ke .. selalu nye banyak I take about 200 to 300 image from that I hav to select the best cut down to only 20 to 30 images saje" kite sebagai shooter kena tau and ambik tau about ur own image kalu tidak sapa lagi ????... edit tu termasukla cropping, adjust color and etc.

I work with magazine shooting covers fashion and etc la. ok kalu shoot cover usually using raw files and take a lot of pixs kadang2 sampai 4 hingga 6 gig. masa shooting kite yg ade kat studio not ur boss ... start dari ape b/ground ape nak pakai, lighting even what the model sesuai to wear ... how u want the model to pose..usually first few shot tak jadi sebab dia tak comfortable lagi ... and abis shoot editing time kite akan pilih lebih kurang 15 to 20 which are the best bukan ur boss pilih or org lain ... that's my scenario at work. Examples if that pix kuar mag tak cantik or ade yang tak kena ... bukan ur boss or somebody else kena marah but yang tukang ambik.

In fotowarung kite ade limited space ... try pick 1 the best u think, u rasa not bm not ur mom or sedare mare ...

Mcm bm baru2 nie ambik gambo protest kal masjid negara .. dia ade kat field not his boss know’s in uk ... tak tau what’s going on here kan kan ... so bm kena pilih and edit hantak kat boss dia ... kalu dia bagi semua abis la ape nak cite ... selalu ambik gbr mesti ade 1 main strong pix n that pix mesti jadi kebanggaan u sendiri ... lepas baru bole cite kat org lain.

Some info for editing.
In a traditional darkroom, you control images with choices of films, chemicals, papers and processes. In the digital equivalent of the darkroom, you do so with a computer system and a photo editing program. Just as in a traditional darkroom, the quality of your digital tools has an impact on the quality of your images. However, a digital darkroom isn't like a traditional darkroom. For one thing, the lights are on. For another there is no prep time, so you can work only as long as you want. Costs are also lower because you can experiment and try things without wasting time and materials. If you make any really serious mistakes, you can always use the undo command.Digital images can be edited in a wide variety of ways using photo-editing software. In some cases an editing program is used to "improve" an image by eliminating or reducing its flaws. In other cases it is used to take an image to a new place, making it something it never was. Taken from a site by Dennis P.Curtin.

Because of the popularity of digital cameras, image editing programs are readily available. Minimal programs, that perform such operations as rotating and cropping are often provided within the digital camera itself, while others are returned to the user on a compact disc (CD) when images are processed at a discount store. The more powerful programs contain functionality to perform a large variety of advanced image manipulations. Popular raster-based digital image editors include Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Visualizer Photo Studio, Pixel image editor, PixBuilder Photo Editor. Many image file formats use data compression to reduce file size and save storage space. Digital compression of images may take place in the camera, or can be done in the computer with the image editor. When images are stored in JPEG format, compression has already taken place. Both cameras and computer programs allow the user to set the level of compression.Some compression algorithms are lossless, such as PNG, which means no image quality is lost when the file is saved. The JPEG compression algorithm uses a lossy format. The greater the compression, the lesser the quality. It utilizes the way the brain and eyes perceive colour to make loss of detail less noticeable. Image editors provide the means for altering and improving images in an almost endless number of ways. They accept images in a large variety of image formats, and after changes are made they allow the changed image to be saved in any number of image formats, at almost any size, and in varying degrees of compression. Most serious digital camera users will find the facilities of such a tool indispensable. In the hands of amateurs, they will obviously render amateurish results. However, for a beginner, the novelty of the power and features available to them, combined with their ease of use, image editing can be a lot of fun. Singgah kat Wikipedia site some info for all.

Photography is the process of making pictures by means of the action of light. Light patterns reflected or emitted from objects are recorded onto a sensitive medium or storage chip through a timed exposure. The process is done through mechanical, chemical or digital devices known as cameras.

The word comes from the Greek words f?? phos ("light"), and ??af?? graphis ("stylus", "paintbrush") or ??af? graphê, together meaning "drawing with light" or "representation by means of lines" or "drawing." Traditionally the product of photography has been called a photograph. The term photo is an abbreviation; many people also call them pictures. In digital photography, the term image has begun to replace photograph.


Assalamualakum Bazuki,

Just got back from spore, arghh…I missed the citrawarna punye what u did ,the fireworks, anyway this is my recent photo, just shot this photo in a wedding , masa ambil nih nervous sangat sbb gambar nih DYMM Sultan Pahang yang suruh ambil,dier tunggu kat belakang laie, lepas jek tangkap terus dier tengok kat lcd kamera…fuh..nasib baik dier suka..ampun Tuanku…ehhehe..tapi mmg best guna technic ni..if ade jumpa yg lain..i will post it later..

Amal bin Abdul Aziz,


bazuki says ...

amal, kurang menjadi, tak cukup zoom effect.

and also, rasernyer tak sesuai gambar kahwin dijadikan zoom effect, nampak ganas. kiter biarkan ganas tu di antara mereka berdua jer, bukan pader gambar .... he he.

hope u and effina had a good and a successful assignment trip to the lion city. pls send my best regards to my most beautiful cousin, effina.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Our own Shamshahrin Shamsuddin will share his 16 years experience jadi "tukang gambar".

Details are here.


KUALA LUMPUR-24 MAY 2003, Malaysia's sensatinal month of cultural extravaganza, Colours of Malaysia 2003, promises to be an unforgettable feast for the senses. A cast of over 5,000 will perform along a1.5 km route from Dataran Merdeka, along Raja Laut Road and ending at Tuanku Abdul Rahman Road. The parade showcases the unique cultural aspects of the different states of Malaysia with various ethnic dances and musical performances. The parade is also one of the celebrations to mark the official Birthday of the King of Malaysia, His Majesty The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. PICTURE BY SYEFRY MONIZ

dis picture dapat consulation prize citrawarna contest year back 2003 ... taken kat tengah2 perarakkan, masa this lovely ladies lalu ...


bm says

syeff, aku dok cuber juger semalaman malam tadi nak buat gambar macam ni, tapi tak berjayer. yang ader bunga api jer lah.


assalamulaikum, en. bazuki & all warungists ...

my burst zoom shot ... ambik waktu malam ... masa autoshow kat my hometown ... ok ker?

the blasting sound from an oversize speaker at an ICE challenge

baber aka radiohed


another one of zoom ......


Fireworks are displayed on top of the Malaysia's historic landmark Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad during the launch of "Colours of Malaysia" festival in Kuala Lumpur July 8, 2006. Malaysia on Saturday launched the month-long festival, now into its eighth year with the theme of "The Colours and Festivals of Malaysia." REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA)

Saturday, July 08, 2006


this is my ferrari which i did a few years ago.

i was using a 17-35 lens. i think it was 1/8 sec, and just rotate the zoom ring a bit, and here is the result.

plz do not expect u get it on yr first try, keep trying and have fun experimenting ...

next FotoChallenge ....

i was slightly injured when i was covering the street protest yesterday, i mean a very minor one, not a thing to worry about. but i know that malam nanti ader citrawarna. quickly picked up the phone to get some sos. a good fren of mine was very much willingly to help even he had been on his feet for the whole day with his works.

he sent me this image. i kind of like it. i did once before with the ferrari about five years ago. i'll get that pic and post it later.

mmmm .... was thinking, what about we'll make this technique as our next FotoChallenge (FotoTopic of the Week = FotoChallenge).

what do u think?


Ki, My contribution fr this week.

My daughter "Aniyah" when she was around 2 years old. Now she's 6. Taken with ILFORD monocrome film, Nikon F100 and Nikkor 80-200mm.



encik bazuki, lg dua.. komen skit ye. TQ.


bazuki says ...

much better than what u sent before. focus lari sikit, but acceptable.